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First in Europe Google One integration as a custom Magento feature

First in Europe Google One integration as a custom Magento feature

Google One data storage service

Google One is a storage and file-sharing subscription service from Google. It offers users increased storage space for all sorts of data e.g. pictures, emails, and documents, Google One offers users a number of features, not only including additional storage space but also the ability to sync files across multiple devices shared between 6 users.

It also provides access to Google support services, such as customer service and technical assistance. It allows for making use of Google’s advanced security features, such as two-factor authentication (2FA) and encryption to protect the data.

tink.de integration with Google One

tink.de as the first Magento eCommerce marketplace has now been updated to include the offer of Google One, making it the first eCommerce platform in Europe to offer such a service. 

This integration allows tink.de to offer additional services to their customers. With the Google One integration, tink.de IoT marketplace, can offer their customers complimentary service. This is especially important for customers in Europe, as the EU’s General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) mandates strict data privacy standards.

Additionally, tink.de customers can now store their files on Google One and access them from any device with an internet connection, such as a smartphone, tablet, or PC. They can also use Google One to back up their data, ensuring its protection in the event of a technical issue or disaster.

When buying the Google One subscription at tink.de IoT marketplace the client profit from a free trial period of up to 6 months, depending on the subscription plan. The customers also get storage space upgraded from basic 100GB, through a 200 GB standard option to a 2TB premium plan.

Panda Group’s Google One integration 

The Panda Group is the first Magento Agency in Europe to implement the Google One integration into the Magento platform. The process was predicted by Google to last for 4 months and Panda Group implemented it in just 2 months. It was finished before 2022 Black Friday, which was a great business opportunity for tink.de.

As Black Friday is the period with the maximum orders for e-commerce we wanted more customers to have the opportunity to try Google One with a free period. think.de customers, who buy any product have 3 to 6 months of free usage of Google One storage, this is a key benefit that we offer in comparison to just a normal purchase of the subscription from Google directly.

The main business opportunities are:

  • After a free period, converted subscriptions will bring us regular profit without too much effort.
  • The subscription will be another reminder for the customer about tink.de.
  • Becoming the first distributor of Google one in Europe will benefit our reputation.

Said Anna Dodonova Product Manager at tink.de

As we support tink.de on a regular basis, at that time we were also preparing the Magento platform for Black Friday and the high season overall. It was a challenge but we coped with that faster than Google assumed because of the recurring payments experience that we already had. We know every detail of the infrastructure and we are aware of potential obstacles we can easily avoid. 

Google one Magento integration step by step

We obtained the first information about the Google One integration plans from the client in September and for two weeks we were gathering requirements for customer path and business processes withtink.de and the Google team. 

Dedicated Magento team

From our regular team, we selected a dedicated sub-team of 5 people focusing on this particular project. The project team consisted of 2 full-time Magento backend developers, 1 part-time Magento frontend developer, 1 Quality Assurance Expert, and a Product Manager. We solved issues on a daily basis in very close cooperation with the Google team despite them operating in a different time zone. 

Magento project communication 

We communicated effectively using e-mails, video calls, and video recordings. The last ones were a great solution in the situation of different time zones as one video recording could replace a long elaborate in email. The Google team operated from the US and the Panda Group from Poland, EU. We could precisely address issues every afternoon to get feedback for the next morning. It was extremely useful!

Fluent Magento project management tools

Our goal from the very beginning was to make the workflow the most effective possible. For this purpose, we used a dedicated slack channel and very useful project management tools e.g.  Confluence with the visualized flow and simple diagrams made with LucidChart. We used them from the initial stage of the project when gathering the requirements. It appeared to be very effective. We also took advantage of Figma for UX/UI design cooperation. 

Google one and Magento integration obstacles

The main issue was time shortage, we knew how important it was to accomplish the project before prime time for eCommerce. All our attempts were focused on effectiveness. 

The issues we had to take into consideration in the first place when it comes to the tech stack were:

  • Magento platform framework, which we were very well oriented as we built it from scratch several years ago.
  • Billwerk – subscription payment legal, formal, and technological (API) requirements. Here we had experience from one of the previous projects.
  • Email and onsite messages to communicate the service and lead the customer through the subscription process.
  • Testing the flow in various situations and service configurations was quite intensive and time-consuming with screen recording for the training process. 

We realized the project will be soon and fast scalable, and coupon processing will increase in a significant way. Our goal was to design the process and technology resistant to this challenge.

Google one custom Magento integration tips and hints

What we can recommend from our experience is good communication from the very beginning. The development participation in the kick-off project stage when business requirements are settled with Google helps in fluent work on the next stages. 

Also, short iterations play a significant role to address the issues and get feedback in the most effective way to make visible progress in the project and finally succeed in all areas.

Google one integration just before Black Friday

The Panda Group is proud to be the first Magento Development Agency in Europe to offer this integration and is confident that it will make tink.de’s customers’ lives easier and more secure. 

What is significant is that the integration was ready for Black Friday giving tink.de additional business opportunities just before high season.  We hope that other Magento users will follow suit and take advantage of the new Google One integration. 

After this integration, we can certainly admit we are trendsetters and change makers among Magento eCommerce Agencies. Congratulations and many thanks to all team members.

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