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Custom Application for the Soccer Store

Custom Application for the Soccer Store

PandaGroup is not just Magento development. Why? Recently we’ve got a very interesting project from one of our clients which is selling everything for soccer in the USA. Kiosk application in many customer’s stationery stores along with a simple panel for handling content. The goals were difficult at first sight, but after proper research and planning, everything becomes simpler. There were several options, but we chose the one that combined ready solutions with our extensions and customizations. And one more… Is there any possibility to avoid any extra monthly or yearly costs after deploy.

Ok. So how we did it? What would be the solution to that challenge?

The project assumed making content that would be available on tablets in customer’s stationery stores. But what content? Among others the latest product lines of a well-known sports brand, events that were associated with a given stationary store, current results of several global leagues and sports news. Hmm… it sounds simple so far, but it couldn’t be that way 🙂 The project also assumed the possibility of viewing offline content which has to be updated whenever the device has access to the internet. When we were talking about that solution the first time, the client suggested the Kiosk Pro application, which is available for devices with the IOS system and has the ability to view pages offline. Yes, but how would this content be deployed? And here it turned out that, we need to upload a static HTML page to the dropbox account, configure the application and everything will work fine. Just how? After all, the WordPress pages are generating dynamically on the server, we don’t have any magical button to download these pages, pack and send on dropbox. Nothing difficult. To handle the content we have adapted the latest WordPress edition and created an API mechanism that downloads static pages for each location with graphic files and then sends them to the appropriate directory for the location. And here everything would be ready, but as you know, time is very valuable nowadays, so the client asked us if we can automatize the update of football results. Fortunately, there is a lot of APIs that share this data, so we created API communication that automatically updated these results several times a day and upload it on dropbox. So the only thing that the client needs to do is paste and copy to news or write about an event in modern WordPress editor and replace the images on product lines pages. That’s all. Without extra costs. Well, maybe except server costs, but this can’t be avoided.

And it’s ready – the customer bought an Ipads for each location, bought Kiosk Pro applications, configured settings with our tutorials. We provided the first content from WordPress and Dropbox and deployed it on devices. Everything remotely, but who knows, maybe someday we gonna fly to the USA and visit these stores and see how it’s going and maybe play some football match together. Everything is possible.

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