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Besides the code

Besides the code

Rushing through daily activities and actual projects, it is quite difficult to focus on our company’s condition and find the time to talk things over.

We have decided to take a break from coding and organized a workshop for whole team to exchange our opinions, observations and expectations relevant to company’s life.

Under the guidance of a professional coach Joanna Bogielczyk, who has been moderating our inner training, we had a very fruitful brainstorming session. Working in small groups, we did various exercises to develop the company’s best strategy and figure out the optimal way to accomplish our goals.

Effects? We devised several future visions for Light4website and found out the one which fits us the most. There appeared also some new bright ideas we want to develop and apply in our company.

Furthermore, this meeting had a great influence on our team. We had an opportunity to share our expectations and notions, we could point out what remained a fly in the ointment of our company and what is most important – we have found a solution to patch it up.

It was very edifying and successful workshop. Try it yourselves, in your teams, it blows away the cowbells. 🙂

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