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4 Ecommerce trends that may influence your online selling

4 Ecommerce trends that may influence your online selling

Over the past few years eCommerce was growing in strength, providing new solutions and opportunities, for both, buyers and sellers. 2015 without no doubt, is the year of consumers. They want more and they’re getting it!

There are 4 trends you need to take into account having online store, to protect your position and to become more competitive in the sales market and develop your online selling.


People are buying from foreign country websites, wanting to get original products from the second end of the world. Along with worldwide online selling, they expect a familiar user experience and local prices. You think you may loose on it? Nothing more misleading! This is an opportunity to sell worldwide, enter the global market and gain large customer base. What you need to do is set up a local delivery and flexible the supply chain.


Customers demand to be able to buy whenever and wherever they want and right away. That is why you need to respond to buyers all the time, 24/7. Live chat on your website may help you with that, showing your customers how important they’re to you. Giving them a lot of shopping and shipping options, you provide them the best user experience and provide yourself a loyalty. Same-day delivery, in store pickup, free shipping and free return shipping are the confirmation of the requirements of today’s eCommerce market: FASTER, CHEAPER, MORE CONVENIENT.


There’ s no need to confirm the belief of importance of being mobile friendly these days. What may be  not sufficiently clear, is that besides making your website mobile friendly, you need to mobile optimize shopping experience as well. You need to remember that 33% order come from a mobile devices! ( and the number will be growing). You must provide a mobile payment option to make your customers purchase the order and come back to your online store.


Social media have become not only a place to talk, making friends and describing what have happened. They became a place, where people can discover products, find specific information, leave a feedback. They can compare different products and prices, track news and lodging a legal complaints. Social media give customers a huge range of possibilities. They give a huge range of possibilities to sellers too, but you have to know how to make a use of it. First of all, remember that customer is always right and a bad reputation spreads through the Internet with the speed of light. Listen what people have to say about your store and respond to both, their compliments and complaints. Take advantage of powers, that social media are giving you, like the Pinterest’s  “Buy it” button or Facebook Ads.

 Shopify presented a few charts, showing the meaning of mobile and social media in eCommerce. Take a look: http://www.shopify.com/blog/16794380-3-ecommerce-trends-you-need-to-know-for-a-profitable-2015.

These are only few latest eCommerce trends, which are being implemented to many online stores. Take care of them being accomplished in your own.


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