Upper 90 is New York’s premier source for soccer gear, including the latest soccer jerseys, footwear and equipment from leading brands such as Nike, Adidas and Puma. The company features retail locations in Manhattan, Queens, Brooklyn and Long Island, as well as an e-commerce store, and has been experiencing a rapid growth in both online and the traditional retail space. In addition Upper 90 works directly with soccer clubs and teams throughout the New York area and offers custom team uniforms through a dedicated online site.

what we've done



If sales are something common in your business, creating a separate subpage with all your Sale products sound like an excellent idea. In Upper90 case we’ve done so but still, it wasn’t enough. The great number of discounted products of many different kinds was hard to search so we’ve added proper filters to make shopping of the cut-price products as easy as in any other category.


In-store pickup

The Upper90 has few stationary shops and thanks to efficient warehouse system they allow users to pick up their purchase up in freely chosen one. To make the decision as easy as possible a needed info about given store is provided right away in checkout.



Upper90’s Frequently Bought Together module is an example of cross-selling with real, high-level algorithm. Every day it calculates the set of three the most frequently bought together products for each popular item.



More than 60% of Upper90 users visit their store by the smartphone or tablet so the store owners pay full attention to make their RWD not only look correct but with our help they’ve made usage of it simply pleasant!


What’s very important, their design is not only aesthetic but really focused on users’ needs. Each piece of useful information is placed just in time with the proper highlight – it’s conscious User Experience.



Upper90 takes a serious approach to safety and stability. The AWS allows to autoscale the web servers to make them always adequate to the traffic on the store. Thanks to that they are prepared for every situation, even short and sudden high traffic like during sales don’t cause any problems in loading time or access to the store.

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Panda Group has proven to be a very reliable and experienced company and we consider the quality of their work as outstanding. Since we have started working with Panda Group, there hasn’t been a single issue or custom request that they would not be able to handle, as far as Magento programming is concerned.

Krzysztof Gbur
E-commerce Director
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