Peter Jackson is an Australian garment maker constructing quality menswear with a passion for innovative design and a strong emphasis on revolutionizing the menswear retail space.

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When stationery shops are an important part of your business (maybe even more than the online store), it’s really important to provide users needed presentations of them.

Peter Jacksons has over 50 stationery shops so the easy way to find the nearest one with basic info is an important feature.


Beside pin on the map, a user gets directions from inputted localization (on foot, by car or by bus) to the chosen store, it’s opening hours, phone and email.



Looking for more acquisition channels? Integrations with external services, especially with these well know, may increase your sales and make your brand more recognizable.



Nowadays blog is a great way not only to present your products but also to give them the meaning, express how much heart you put into your business and how do you care for your products. Properly written and clearly styled blog post can increase users engagement and company understanding.



We don’t think it’s still needed to explain the importance of the store RWD. It’s currently the must have especially when you exactly know that more and more of your customers use their mobile devices to visit your store.


The mobile design does not necessarily mean less – features, options, information, they can be presented in different, more comparable way.



On PJ’s checkout we’ve applied a fraud protection – the authenticated payment system named 3D Secure. After entering credit card info in checkout user is asked to pass the code which is sent through SMS on the number connected with this credit card. Only if that step is completed with success the order is placed.

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“Panda Group is very responsive, very genuine with the allocations of time and coast, and work to best practices. Since the project, Panda Group have worked on a number of integrations, updates and even assisting with my front-end styling and design.”

Nicholas Jackson
Marketing Manager
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